Book Review for Struck by Lightning



Rating: 4 Stars

Summary: Carson Phillips has always been smarter than everyone else, but somehow his teachers don’t see that. They sort him into the “smart-ass” category. When he wants to apply to Northwestern, the only way he can get in is if he starts some sort of writing club at his school. So, he blackmails all the people he doesn’t really care for into writing something for his literary magazine.

What I Liked: The writing is hilarious! Chris Colfer does it again with his remarkably smart writing style. The whole book is told throughout Carson’s journal entries, which is one thing I enjoyed a lot. Also, the ending, although just heart-wrenching, was brilliant, and I never would’ve thought of it! Carson and his sidekick, Malerie, are an awesome team, and are more fun to read about every page!

What I Disliked: Well, there were quite a few f-words dropped…plus, the characters are very stereotypical: slutty cheerleader, dumb jock, super-enthusiastic yearbook editor, gay theater guy…that’s what I thought was a bit annoying to read about.