Summer is Near!

It has been a long year, I must admit. A surprisingly pleasant year, but almost completely insufferable, due to the lack of intelligence that occurs when summer is “just round the corner” as no one has said for at least a billion years. Seriously, it’s like there’s a switch, and when it’s hot out, the switch gets flicked to no-brain-mode!

However, I can’t be complaining too much, because I just finished the first five weeks of the fourth quarter, which means that there’s only FIVE WEEKS LEFT until I’m free! I like school, kind of, but there’s really nothing that is quite as wonderful to a kid as summer vaca. It’s probably the only time of the year when, unless you’re either an idiot who’s in summer school, or a total nerd who does homework for fun, there is absolutely no homework, tests or any schoolwork!

So, I shall be counting down the days, as usual, until my freedom is handed to me. It’s really only a matter of days [17, but who’s counting?]!




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